Take Your Adventure

When I was first planning the launch of Aurora Oro Jewelry, deep in the initial phases of carving the wax models, sourcing the chains, sending my caster lengthy messages full of questions (thanks Ginny!), and dreaming up the final vision, I was playing with a bunch of different names for the brand. I kept wanting to work with the concept of the talisman or totem. An object imbued with meaning and a certain level of magic to it, if you want to go so far. 

Ultimately, I ended up feeling that was perhaps too ubiquitous, but also, it took some of the power of the wearer away. I want these pendants to serve almost as a very precious fidget toy for a thoughtful and well-appointed lady (are you giggling with me?). Okay, it sounds a bit funny, but what I mean is that I want the woman who wears it to feel its presence, hold it and trace its curves as she waits for a much-anticipated answer to her wishes or as she regulates her nerves while she takes off on a new adventure. I want the magic to come from you. I want the piece to feel like it’s a visceral part of your memory. 

And so, in addition to making these pieces feel weighty and touched by the human hand, not machine made, I also wanted each motif to have a story behind it that you could make your own. 

Probably the most forward in its representation, the most symbolic, is the Take Flight Floral. It’s simple, pure, graphic inspired, a bit Scandinavian. This flower femme is reaching for the sky, wings wide, stance strong, crown on her head - she came to me as I walked the flower-filled roads of my surf town home, where every plant bobbing in the wind feels like it’s got to be talking to us. The Take Flight Floral Pendant celebrates how far you’ve come, and cheers you on to keep moving ahead.

Lesle is wearing the Take Flight Floral Necklace, and was recently excited to report she received two separate compliments on it from strangers on a single short flight. Imagine how many you'd get on a cross-country!