Process and Product

An artist's process might be flowing and sinewy when they're deep in creation mode. What muse might an artist channel when she's on a creative kick? She spends time elbow deep in materials, making masterpieces and making mistakes, but continuing on either way. When she's not in the studio, she's finding ways to stir the pot, to get strokes of genius that can translate later at the proverbial canvas.

As a designer, there's moments where communing with the great unknown makes for artfully considered pieces. But there are also other considerations that have to come into play - so true mastery of the process of product means being able to balance that artful urge with the facts of business, and the limitations of production. 

The new jewelry collection has turned process on its head over here in the studio. I brought in larger stones, some heavier chains, and made use of technology to get more complex with my designs.

Gemstones and diamonds were never the starting point for my designs previously - I can be quite picky about stones. The beautiful pieces I landed on - salt and pepper diamonds, hessonite garnet, and opal cabochons - have just the right depth to them. They have sparkle and shine, but they also manage to show something of their origins, a peek into the mysteries of our great planet.

Keep an eye out for the launch of The New Nostalgia collection. It's coming in October!